Jack Serino


Jack Serino has worked behind the scenes for a long time, learning every aspect of filmmaking, becoming an award winning Director. In addition, Jack was one of the creative forces behind Sundance, creating an atmosphere so filmmakers could bring their vision to the screen.

Jack saw new technology coming into the business, in fact, he was one of the first to test the new digi-beta camera for Sony. When it came time to make the first HD film to be shot on the new Viper camera, it was unanimous to have Jack lead the project. Starting from scratch, Jack created the pipeline to inter-grate all of this new technology, to create the first feature to be shot on the Viper HD camera. In the processes, he was the first to shoot in the 444 format, the first to shoot straight to a hard drive, the first to create a 3-D visual effect, while encoding the camera with Viz-RT technology. The high tech magazines had a field day, promoting Jack as one of the leaders in the new age of HD.

Jack’s first feature film, “The Connecticut Kid”, based on his real life adventures of becoming a cowboy, has gone on to win four awards. A remarkable accomplishment, shot in 12 days, 60 head of horses, 3 feet of snow and filmed high in the majestic Rocky Mountains of Durango Colorado. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa” became the highest rated television show on PAX television. “The Santa Trap” has won it’s time slot every year.

Jack’s just finished directing the hit comedy feature film “The Gold and the Beautiful”. A short list of projects Jack has worked on; Four Christmases, Indiana Jones part 4, 1000 Words, Witch Mountain (2009), Hancock, Chuck and Larry, Home of the Brave, Medium, 15 Minutes, Nurse Betty, Batman, Vanilla Sky, A Few Good Men, Frankie and Johnny, 7th Heaven, Day Break, Cheers, Cane.

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