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Cristofer Winter Partner and Co-Producer for Global Star FilmsCristofer Winter has always had a passion for film. He started to pursue this passion early on by developing and filming shorts with friends. Early in his career, he worked with Children’s After School Programs (C.A.P.), where he assisted with the development of marketing campaigns and fundraising events, including the launch of a successful commercial and fashion show fundraiser at Brooks Brothers on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

While attending the Marshall School of Business at University of Southern California, Cristofer worked to develop a new business plan, marketing plan, and revenue model for Feeding Families California. This organization has based its growth and development on the suggestions he delivered to the company President.

Concurrently, Cristofer was selected to join the Team Beverly Hills leadership program. During this time, he met with various local government officials and representatives to dig deeper in to city politics and governance.

Over the years, Cristofer developed a well-rounded knowledge of the entertainment industry and applied his understanding whenever applicable. His experience working with Meter in Scandinavia and the Ford Modeling Agency in the United States gave Cristofer a unique background behind-the-scenes and on-camera that gives him strategic information on properly leading and handling actors and crews on set, as well as insider information on the industries themselves.

In 2005, Agnes-Nicole Winter and Cristofer created Global Star Films to satisfy the need of audiences around the world for high quality entertainment. Together, they have the knowledge necessary to understand the demands and challenges required to make a great film. Most importantly they have the rare ability to balance a budget and the artistic demands of a single production to optimize its entertainment and monetary value.

At Global Star Films, Cristofer partnered with the team to develop the strategic plan for the formation and growth of the company. In addition, he also supervised many aspects of business affairs, finance, physical production, marketing, distribution, and operations. This included film festival runs and entertainment networking at industry events such as the American Film Market, Treasure Coast International Film Festival, and Palm Beach International Film Festival.

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