The Gold & The Beautiful

Global Star Films, Inc.Kristy, a Beverly Hills socialite, lives the rich girl life. Hers is one big party and she expects everyone to jump for her. Most do, including her faithful lapdog, Ruffy, dressed in matching designer and princess outfits.

As a trust-fund supported woman, Kristy owns everything imaginable, and yet, has nothing. Kristy tries in vain, but cannot find her “Prince Charming” at the Beverly Hills clubs and bars.

Before visiting her favorite club, Kristy is given a priceless, jeweled, family heirloom – a valuable tiara – by her father, Gerard. Of course, “Princess” Kristy wears the tiara out for the night regardless of its value.

Tony Schiena and Agnes-Nicole WinterAt the club that night, Kristy encounters a handsome stranger, Max, an expert treasure hunter. Without realizing it, she loses the tiara and the next day Gerard immediately takes notice. He gets very angry about her spoiled and irresponsible ways and decides to teach her a lesson by cutting off all her funds until she proves herself to be worth something in this universe.

Over the next week, Gerard comes up with the perfect scheme to force her out of her shallow existence and gives Kristy coordinates to a treasure map for her birthday and nothing else. Kristy is upset, but sees this as her chance to make her own fortune and sets out on a hilarious journey. But, little does she know that a group of dimwit robbers are not far behind.

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