Precious Metal

Precious Metal a Feature Film Production by Global Star FilmsAfter many years of slavery by the Spanish Conquistadors, the Pueblo Indians revolted. Tons of gold that they were forced to mine remained hidden in the high desert mountains of New Mexico for over three hundred years.

In modern day New Mexico, Lance Cliffwalker dreams about establishing a Native American Culture and Education Center in his hometown of Albuquerque. With the help of his friend Kevin Mason, he’s determined to dig up the legendary lost gold and put to rest the souls of many Pueblo Indians. They team up with Danielle Barrow, the archaeologist niece of multi-millionaire Bentley Barrow.

But, when Danielle is kidnapped by her estranged father Gregory Barrows and held hostage, not even Bentley’s billions nor geostationary satellites or equipment that money can buy will be able to stop Bentley’s insanely jealous brother. Now our team is fighting for her as well as for possession of the treasure.


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