Agnes-Nicole Discusses Balancing 3 Roles in One Film

Agnes-Nicole Winter Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard

“It’s not always easy, but if you position yourself properly, you can make anything happen.”

Growing up in Sweden and studying to be an optometrist, Agnes-Nicole was not afraid to dream big and outside the society norms. In this interview with Games Fiends, Agnes-Nicole discusses her ambitions and how she positioned herself for success in Los Angeles.

With the team of veterans that Agnes-Nicole built around herself, she was able to successfully juggle 3 roles while filming The Gold & The Beautiful. All-star actors, including John Aniston and the Farley Brothers, were part of this team and helped guarantee that everyone on-set was on top of his/her game and having a great time filled with interesting conversations and laughter.

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